The decision by the Mayor and the DOE to force parents to consent to have their school age children tested for the Covid Virus as a condition of attending school is outrageous, immoral and a violation of their constitutional rights. The Parents of NYC school children will simply NOT ALLOW this. Parents Against Mandatory Testing, has been created to bring legal action to prevent our children from being tested illegally. The legal team of Louis Gelormino, Mark Fonte and James Mermigis are offering their services Pro Bono and preparing a lawsuit to be filed in Federal Court, Eastern District requesting an Immediate Injunction to stop testing our children in school!! We need your help too! In order to offset the legal expenses associated with litigation which include medical experts, child psychologists and child education experts we are requiring a modest $20 donation when you register. Join us in the fight to keep our children form being tested in school.


Parents Against Remote Learning (PARENYC), has been created to bring legal action, against New York State, NYC and the DOE to force them to GET OUR CHILDREN BACK IN SCHOOL. The United States Constitution guarantees that ALL CHILDREN have the inherent right to a quality education. By promoting and allowing remote education the Governor of New York, The Mayor of NYC, The Chancellor of the Department of Education , and the DOE are providing an "education" so inferior that they have failed to fulfill their duties to our children. According to studies teachers that have been interviewed estimate, that only 60% of the students are engaged in remote learning. 75% of the teachers say that most students are less engaged remotely than they were in class. The most troubling aspect is that remote learning had MASSIVE equality issues with engagement varying across racial and economic lines. Teachers is high poverty school areas reported only 51% of their students engaged remotely on a daily basis. Councilman Joseph Borelli and the Legal Team of Louis Gelormino, Mark Fonte, and James Mermigis, recently stood up to City Hall and New York State on behalf of NYC restaurants to allow indoor dining. Now we are here to fight for our children. The money raised will offset the massive expected legal expenses associated with this litigation. They include doctors, child psychologists and child education experts. Please help us get our children back in the CLASSROOM where they belong.

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Parents Against Remote Learning and Mandatory Testing has been created to bring legal action, against New York State, NYC and the DOE to force them to GET OUR CHILDREN BACK IN SCHOOL.

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